Understanding the bio-psycho-social model in osteopathy

Comprendre le modèle bio-psycho-social en ostéopathie: Article de Vincent Parisi sur le modèle bio-psycho-social en ostéopathie.

Osteopathy, as a medical discipline, has always recognized that health is the product of a complex interaction between an individual's biological, psychological and social factors. This view is now widely accepted and is known as the bio-psycho-social model.

Vincent Parisi, osteopath in Issy-les-Moulineaux, is a fervent defender of this holistic approach to health. Here are some of the main aspects of the application of the bio-psycho-social model in osteopathy:

  • Biology : This is the field of the anatomical and physiological structures of the body. An imbalance or injury in this system can lead to pain and dysfunction.
  • Psychology : Thoughts, feelings and behaviors can have a significant impact on our health. For example, stress and anxiety can exacerbate physical pain.
  • Social : Our social environment, including our relationships and culture, can also influence our well-being.

Under this model, Vincent does not just treat physical symptoms, but seeks to understand and treat the underlying factors that may contribute to those symptoms. This may involve discussions about the patient's lifestyle, stress, and social environment, as well as physical treatments.

In summary, the bio-psycho-social model recognizes that we are complex beings and that our health is the product of many interconnected factors. As an osteopath, Vincent Parisi in Issy-les-Moulineaux is committed to using this approach to help his patients achieve optimal health.

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