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General osteopathy is designed for everyone, regardless of your age or physical condition. Here is what you can expect with general osteopathy at Issy-Ostéo:

  1. Overall assessment: During the interview, as during the physical examination, I assess your health in general. We discuss your history, your lifestyle (professional, physical and artistic activities) and I analyze your body in terms of mobility, stiffness, flexibility, balance, coordination etc.
  2. Personalized treatment: Based on the interview and physical examination, we determine a treatment strategy based on manual therapy, hypnosis or movement.
  3. Lifestyle advice: In addition to the treatments carried out as part of the consultation, I advise you on how to increase your autonomy. You thus leave with the power to best maintain the gains observed during the session.

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What happens during a consultation ?

Step 1

Making appointments

You can make an appointment in several ways:

2nd step

Preparing for the consultation

Prepare for your appointment by gathering all relevant information:

  • Your medical history and medications you are taking.
  • The most recent additional examinations (radio, MRI, ultrasound, etc.).

Moreover :

  • Bring soft clothing if you don't want to wear underwear.

Step 3

Initial consultation

During your first appointment, we will review:

  • Your general health.
  • Your medical history.
  • Your current concerns and symptoms you are experiencing.

Step 4

Physical examination

I will perform a thorough physical examination, which may include:

  • An analysis of joint mobility
  • Strength, coordination and balance tests
  • A test of nerve function
  • Measuring blood pressure and heart rate.

Step 5

Treatment plan

Based on the examination and my analysis I will develop a personalized treatment plan. This plan may include:

  • Manual therapy techniques.
  • Movements to improve coordination, stretching, strengthening exercises, advice on planning your physical activities.
  • Breathing exercises, relaxation, meditation, hypnosis and self-hypnosis.

Step 6

Follow up

Once processing is complete, I will provide:

  • Advice on exercises to do at home
  • Tips on lifestyle changes to support recovery
  • Scheduling the necessary follow-up sessions to ensure continuous monitoring of your progress.

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